The Ethical Revolution in Vacation Rentals

Fair to Hosts.
Fair to Guests.
Fair to the Community.

Stayzia offers the same service as leading accommodation booking platforms, but we charge significantly less fees. 


Crucially, we give 65%+ back to the community to offset the impacts of tourism on local housing and heritage.

We are almost ready to launch.

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Welcome to the sustainable revolution!

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Supercharge your holiday rental business

  • Research indicates that 87% of guests want to travel more sustainably. 

  • List your property on Stayzia for FREE!

  • We will comprehensively market your property across pay-per-click campaigns, metasearch engines, channel managers, PR and social media.

  • Be confident of generating huge and sustainable revenues.

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Pay Less, Help More

  • Existing travel agents charge 15-25%, with Airbnb charging a minimum of 17.2%.


  • We charge just 12%, split as 2% for the Host and 10% for the Guest.

  • We donate a minimum of 65% to offsetting the negative impacts of tourism in the host's community. 

  • Join everyone in the Stayzia community now.


Features made for every industry

Stayzia is a fully-rounded and feature-rich short-term rentals platform and mobile app.


The entire listing, marketing and booking process is incredibly simple and effective.

Whether you're looking for the perfect holiday home, cottage, hotel, B&B, spare room, hostel or campsite, we'll have it.

Listing with Stayzia is

cheaper and sustainable!


Let's Help Fix
This Problem

Instead of sending excess profits to investors in Silicon Valley, we can help local communities impacted by tourism.

  • Support local residents to buy or rent homes through grants, shared ownership schemes, social housing and guarantees.

  • Invest in local businesses and projects, so as to create stable and secure local jobs and opportunities.

  • Protect local heritage, culture, identity and environment, to strengthen the social fabric among local residents.

Holiday Rentals Done Right

Making a Difference

Stayzia offers the same service and features for less fees, with 65%+ going to help offset tourism impacts on local housing.

A Secure Community

Stayzia will ensure trust and reliability, with double-review systems, ID verification and robust resolution processes.

A Service with Care

Outstanding customer support is fundamental to Stayzia and we will work to protect the interests of all of our users.


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Welcome to the sustainable revolution!