Terms of Service

1.    Our Terms of Service

1.1  These terms of service are a binding legal contract between you (the platform “User”) and Stayzia C.I.C. (“us” or “we”). They govern all aspects of your use of the Stayzia travel platform, including websites, apps and associated services (all referred to as the “platform”) and all other dealings with us. They comprise both the travel booking terms, for any bookings made or delivered through the platform, as well as the terms relating to your use of the platform itself. 

Stayzia C.I.C. is a registered community interest company (Company Number: 13870480) under the laws of England and Wales. We are a not-for-profit enterprise, regulated by the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies. This places a strict limit on our capacity to convert profit into dividends and ensures that the vast majority of the profit raised through our operations is allocated back towards our community objectives via donations to the charity, the Community Prosperity Foundation (Company Number: 14091732).

1.2 The terms included herein are also inclusive of our Privacy Policy and Community Funding Charter.

1.3 These terms of service and all associated policies are subject to the exclusive laws and jurisdiction of England and Wales.

1.4 Stayzia reserves the right to amend these terms at any time. When we make any amendments to these terms, we will update this section on the website and include a date stamp of showing the most recent update. We will also notify all Users via their registered email address at least 30 days before any changes take effect. In accordance with Section 9, Users are entitled to request that Stayzia terminate their account with us if they are unwilling to accept the change of terms. Where they do not terminate their account, they are taken to have accepted the change of terms.

1.5 These terms do not confer any additional rights or remedies upon anyone else other than you and Stayzia.

1.6 You accept that some elements of the platform may be provided by third parties, with their own terms of service and policies. We are not liable for any aspect of those third party service providers and you are separately agreeing to their terms in a contract with them. Our inclusion of any third party service providers on our platform is therefore in no way any endorsement of those providers and you are free not to utilise their services.

1.7 Except where expressly provided within these terms, the exercise or failure to exercise any rights under these terms shall not be classed as a waiver of such rights.

1.8 Stayzia is free to assign, transfer or delegate any of its rights and obligations under these terms, at its sole discretion, provided it gives you 30 days’ notice. Your right to terminate this agreement with us under Section 9 remains unaffected.

1.9 Except where otherwise provided, any notices between you and Stayzia with regard to these terms shall be conducted by email or via our platform text chat service.

1.10 If Users have any questions in relation to these terms or associated policies, they can contact Stayzia at support@stayzia.com or through the text chat service on the platform.

2.    Travel Booking Terms for all Users

2.1 The platform enables Users to advertise (in a “Listing”), offer, locate and book short-term rental accommodation. When Users make or accept an accommodation booking, they are entering into a contract directly with each other (as “Host” and “Guest”). Except to the extent that it handles payments on behalf of the parties or carries out services on behalf of the parties in accordance with these terms, Stayzia is not an agent or party to any such transaction or contract entered into between the Host and Guest. 

2.2 Stayzia makes no warranties, guarantees or representations as to the quality, existence, safety, suitability or legality of any Listings on the platform. It similarly makes no warranties, guarantees or representations as to the accuracy or reliability of any content on the site, including any details and pictures of Listings, House Terms and Rules (“Host Terms”), Reviews or any other content uploaded to the platform by Users.

2.3 Stayzia has no general obligation to monitor, authenticate or verify the information or details provided by Users on the platform. Stayzia is in no way liable for any false or misleading information provided through the platform, except to the extent that we are at fault.

2.4 Stayzia provides no warranties, guarantees or representations that any verification, identity or background checks carried out on users will be able to identify past or prevent future misconduct.


2.5 Stayzia similarly has no liability as a result of any sudden changes in the information provided by Users on the platform, such as amendments to their Listing details, Host Terms, Reviews or planned bookings and reservations. We expect all of our Users to be truthful, honest and transparent in all their dealings with each other. As such, after a User updates any information or makes changes to content uploaded to the platform, they are expected to inform any other Users who may be impacted or affected by such changes.

2.6 Stayzia accepts no liability whatsoever for the eventual performance or breach thereof of any rental contract entered into between Guests and Hosts on the platform. You agree that Stayzia, except to the extent it is at fault, is not to be held liable as a result of any acts, statements or omissions of any other Users on the platform, including in the undertaking and performance of any reservation made through the platform. This includes any damages, injuries, loss of property, loss of earnings, loss of enjoyment or amenity, or criminal or civil wrongdoing taking place or occurring from interactions between Guests and Hosts who contract through the platform. In accordance with our Dispute Handling Terms, under Section 6, Stayzia will however endeavour to assist the parties in coming to a settlement on any matter where we may reasonably be expected to be of assistance. 

2.7 Users on the platform are entirely responsible and liable for any other members in their party, such as guests (authorised, invited or otherwise) who join them during any accommodation stay or co-hosts or employees of Hosts who may be a part of providing accommodation services being provided. Users warrant that they are fully authorised to act on behalf of those within their parties, including their organisations where they are representing a business or using the platform in their capacity as an employee. 

3.    Travel Booking Terms for Guests

3.1 When Guests pay for a reservation on the platform they are agreeing to pay all the charges associated with that booking as identified on the booking page when they complete the transaction. This fee is inclusive of the total cost of the room booking for the selected period, the cleaning fee, the community fund fee, Stayzia’s operating fee and any identified taxes. You also acknowledge that the Host may include a security deposit fee to be taken upon arrival, which should be expressed in the Host Terms on the Listing. The Host Terms, as well as Listing details and any other information to you provided by the Host for that Listing will constitute the terms of your contract with the Host. Once you receive an email confirming your booking with the Host, a contract has been formed between you.

3.2 A reservation is a limited licence to enter, occupy and use the property being provided by the Host. The Host only retains the right to re-enter the property in accordance with their Host Terms or where required to do so by law.

3.3 You may not exceed the maximum duration of your stay and must have checked out by the date and time agreed in your contract with the Host. The Host has the right to require you to leave their property in a manner consistent with the law past this point and is entitled to impose reasonable overstay penalties.

3.4 You must abide by all the terms of your contract with the Host, including those terms they have specifically spelled out to you in their Host Terms, Listing details and other communications. Hosts are entitled to charge reasonable penalties as a result of your failure to comply with any of their terms.

3.4 You are required to treat Hosts and their property in a respectful and kind manner, ensuring you leave their property in the same condition as it was when you arrived in terms of damage or general cleanliness.

3.6 You must not exceed the maximum number of guests permitted for your reservation. In all cases, you are solely responsible for any of the guests, pets or objects you bring to the Host’s property. If you are booking for an additional guest who is a child or if you bring a child to the accommodation, you must be legally authorised to act on behalf of that child and are responsible for their supervision.

3.7 Guests and Hosts are free to modify the terms of their booking as they jointly agree. If, however, Stayzia forms the opinion, in its sole discretion, that any agreements have been made through coercion, unfair practices or by taking advantage of any power disparities, it reserves the right to intervene and reinstate the terms as originally agreed. Please notify us immediately at support@stayzia.com if you believe you are being asked to enter into terms that you did not agree to when booking.

3.8 You are bound by Stayzia’s cancellation policy set out in Section 5.


4.    Travel Booking Terms for Hosts

4.1 When you receive an email confirming your booking with a Guest, you have formed a contract with the Guest and are responsible for delivering the services advertised in your Listing and under your Host terms. 

4.2 Any terms that form part of your contract with the Guest (the “Host Terms”) must be clearly disclosed in your Listing details and House Terms and Rules on the platform. Guests are not required to accept any modification or changes in your terms after entering into a contract with you and, in accordance with our cancellation policy, will be entitled to a cancellation and full refund if such changes are seen to be imposed upon them.

4.3 When entering into a contract with a Guest, you are agreeing to pay Stayzia’s service fee as a commission in accordance with our Service Fee terms in Section 7. This amount, including any taxes where applicable, will be deducted from the payout you receive after the booking has been completed and the time for the Guest to check out has passed.

4.4 You are contracting in your sole discretion as an independent entity and are not to be regarded as an employee, agent, partner or joint venturer with Stayzia. As such, Stayzia has no control over the service you provide, the Host terms you set for your booking and you have complete discretion to choose whether to offer services, at what price and on what basis.

4.5 You must include complete and accurate information about your property and the service on offer in your Listing and in any communications with Guests. We require Hosts to be as truthful as possible with regard to the accommodation being offered, to avoid any surprises or disappointment on the part of Guests. This includes full and transparent information about your Host Terms, as well as accurate pictures, details and other information. You are responsible for any acts or omissions in keeping your Listing information accurate, including calendar availability.

4.6 Stayzia recommends that Hosts obtain appropriate insurance to offer additional protection against damages incurred as a result of a Guest staying at their property. Please review our FAQ on How to insure my accommodation on Stayzia.

4.7 You must include clear and accurate details about your pricing in your Listing and any errors in setting pricing before contracting with a Guest are entirely at your own fault. You are not allowed to charge offline or hidden fees, outside of the Stayzia platform, for the accommodation. You can, however, charge a reasonable security deposit from your Guests on arrival to the property, although you must advertise the total amount of the security deposit and any related terms in your Host Terms on the Listing. You are also allowed to separately charge for other amenities or additional services which are add-ons to the accommodation, such as food or breakfast, drinks, pool tokens, laundry services and so on. In all cases, however, you must not tick or advertise these as being included in your accommodation unless you make clear that these are additional services subject to additional prices in your Listing description or House Terms and Rules.

4.8 Failure to be clear or accurate in your Listing details and House Terms and Rules may result in Stayzia deciding, in its sole discretion and following any reasonable investigation, to make a full or partial refund to the Guest. It could also result in your use of the platform being moderated, suspended or terminated, in accordance with Sections 6 or 8.

4.9 You are solely responsible for discovering and complying with any laws or regulations that are relevant to operating your property hosting service. We recommend you seek legal advice to ensure that you are covering yourself. These might include, but are not limited to, some of the following:

i. Rules within your mortgage, property ownership or lease terms which restrict or control your ability to sublet, holiday let or run a business;

ii. Local authority planning permission and other local restrictions, zoning or controls on subletting, holiday rentals or running businesses;

iii. Any taxes, rates or rents that are required to be paid in order to run your business, including business rates, income tax, occupancy tax, capital gains tax, VAT, tourist tax or corporation tax;

iv. Any restrictions, licences or permits needed to run your operation, such as those controlling the sale or distribution of food and drink, providing taxi services, providing crèche services, or any other additional services, as well as any licences or permits required for running a holiday let business;

v. Any rules or regulations dealing with rental contracts or arrangements;

vi. Any contracts or arrangements you have with third parties in the provision of your service;

vii. Any rules or regulations dealing with the management, safety and protection of customers on your property, as well as rules for managing or protecting their personal data, money or property.

4.10 You are entirely responsible for your own acts and omissions, as well as those of anyone else who participate in providing your Hosting service.

4.11 You are strictly prohibited from doing any of the following. Any breaches of these requirements, or repeated failures to comply, could result in your account being modified, suspended or terminated. It may also result in Guests receiving a full or partial refund on any bookings made. These restrictions are:

i. Contacting Guests inviting them to come off the platform and book a reservation through a different system (e.g., offering discounts for booking off the platform);

ii. Asking Guests to communicate off the platform (e.g. email, WhatsApp, third party site) before they have made a booking or booking request;

iii. Cancelling a booking and arranging to have the booking re-entered using an alternative system off the platform, such as booking direct or through a third party provider;

iv. Encouraging Guests to book off the platform, using an alternative means, for future or repeat bookings;

v. Advertising or sending links or buttons which direct Guests away from the platform with the potential aim of making an alternative booking elsewhere.

vi. Contacting Guests to request contact information, IDs, photos or personal data, whether to run background checks or verify Guest information, except and only to the extent that you are clearly required to do so by law. Instead, you may request that Stayzia – as an independent third party and subject to strict privacy protection terms – may carry out identity checks on your behalf.

4.12 We cannot make any guarantees about where Host’s Listings will appear in search results when Users perform searches on the platform. The results are developed through an algorithm that takes account of many different data, including dates, location, time and duration, price, property characteristics and Host Ratings and Reviews. When a Host opts to pay for a Featured Listing through the platform, we also accord these properties a higher status in the search results algorithm.

4.13 You are bound by Stayzia’s cancellation policy set out in Section 5.

5.    Cancellation Policy

5.1 Stayzia currently operates three cancellation policies (Flexible, Moderate and Strict) and Hosts have the option to select the preferred policy for each Listing. The full terms of each policy can be found on the platform, here. The remainder of this section includes ancillary and related terms.

5.2 If a Host cancels a booking at any stage, the Guest is entitled to a full refund of the cost of the reservation, cleaning fee, any security deposit, Stayzia operating fee and community fee.

5.3 Hosts are expressly prohibited from cancelling reservations, except in the following circumstances:

- Where a Guest has specifically requested this from the Host and the Host has agreed to approve a refund on behalf of the Guest, provided it is clearly the Guest’s preferred outcome;

- Where evidence can be provided that the booking is no longer possible on account of acts of civil or military authority, any law, order, regulation or ordinance of any government or legal body, embargoes, epidemics, war, terrorist acts, riots, insurrections, fires, explosions, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, floods, work stoppages, power blackouts, or unusually severe weather.

If a Host should breach these terms, they will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to the Stayzia operating fee and community fund fee for that booking. Repeated breaches could result in account moderation, suspension or termination, with a potential banning of the Host from the platform. Guests will also be able to still leave a Review for the Host in relation to their cancelled booking.

6.    Handling Booking Disagreements


6.1 Stayzia reserves the right to intervene in the contract between the parties, as a third party arbiter, in order to bring about a remedy or to try to offset losses as a result of a contract entered into on the platform. The remedies available to Stayzia are those contained in Section 6.6. Stayzia may intervene where harm or loss results from:

i. Any damage or loss to property, real or personal, during or as a result of an accommodation booking through the platform;

ii. Any unfair hidden charges, hidden terms, or other adverse obligations imposed on a Guest by the Host;

iii. Any breach of the Host Terms or booking contract by the Guest;

iv. Any breach of the Host Terms or booking contract by the Host;

v. Any misrepresentation or false advertising by the Host about the quality, nature, type or features of the accommodation being provided through their Listing. This includes so-called ‘bait-and-switch’ practices where different products or services are offered following booking.

6.2 Stayzia has full discretion to decide whether to exercise these powers and may, in circumstances where we determine we are not fit or qualified in our sole discretion, opt not to exercise these powers or to only partially exercise them in resolving the dispute. In such circumstances, we may advise the parties that they need to resolve the matter through alternative means. Where we determine that the value of the dispute is significantly higher than can be awarded through the measures available under Section 6.6, we may still take whatever measures we can to support the parties and advise that any residue it obtained outside of these services.

6.3 In all such disputes between parties in relation to the matters in Section 6.1, Stayzia may make reasonable reference to any applicable law in the matter in dispute, as well as to our terms of service and to the Host Terms as stated in the original contract between the parties. Stayzia, acting in its sole discretion and exercising its powers to determine questions of fact and law in the matter, is given authority to determine the accuracy, validity or reliability of any evidence presented to it by the parties. It similarly is given full authority to draw inferences from any evidence or information, or lack thereof, when making its decisions in the matter. Any due process accorded to the parties in dispute may be significantly reduced to accord with the monetary value at dispute. However, Stayzia will use its best efforts to investigate the matter, giving all parties sufficient opportunity to fairly present their case and to provide any supporting evidence, while also taking account of the need for a timely resolution of the matter. Such investigations will be carried out via correspondence with the Users’ registered email addresses in correspondence with support@stayzia.com.

6.4 All Users are advised to keep documentary records and evidence of any matters that may support their claims, such as photographic evidence, invoices, witness statements, screenshots, video footage, emails or any other evidence that may assist Stayzia in making its determination.

6.5 Stayzia offers these dispute resolution services gratis, without any additional fee or cost to the parties. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to keep any prior payment of the platform service fee by the parties in circumstances where we deem this reasonable or appropriate.

6.6 In relation to such disputes, Stayzia has full authority and jurisdiction to provide any or a combination of the following non-exhaustive list of measures:

i. A full of partial refund of any fee paid by the Guest for the accommodation;

ii. A full or partial refund or transfer of the Stayzia operating fee and/or community fund fee to or from either of the parties;

iii. An authoritative opinion on the legal and factual merits of the dispute, to support a party’s legal case or the case of their insurers;

iv. Moderation, suspension, termination or banning of any platform User; or

v. A warning.

6.7 Parties who come to a disagreement on any matter under Section 6.1 are required to first seek to resolve the matter between themselves using the platform messaging system. Parties must cooperate with one another and remain courteous, polite, positive and punctual, while continuously seeking to understand and support one another through any difficulties or misunderstandings. 

6.8 If parties come to a satisfactory resolution by negotiation under Section 6.7, we may seek to endorse that resolution in any way that we can, such as processing a refund between the parties under Section 6.6. Nevertheless, we reserve a right to overrule a settlement reached by the parties where we have reasonable suspicion that it has been reached by duress, undue coercion or by exploitation of an imbalance of power between the parties. In such circumstances, we may exercise our rights to investigate the matter and enter our own remedy in the matter.

6.9 If parties are unable to resolve any disagreements between themselves, they can contact us at support@stayzia.com. We will, at this stage, determine if it is a matter in which we are competent or permitted to intervene. If we determine we can intervene, we will commence investigation (in accordance with 6.3) in a timely manner.

6.10 Where parties refuse to engage with the resolution process set out in these terms, or fail to check their registered email inbox, or fail to adequately respond to requests for further information in a timely manner, Stayzia exercises its rights (from Section 6.3) to draw adverse inferences from such and to make a final decision without receiving that party’s adequate response or evidence.

7.    Service Fees

7.1 Stayzia’s competitive service fees on the platform are 7.5% of the total cost of booking for Guests and 7.5% of the total cost of the booking deducted from the payout to Hosts. These are less than most major travel booking platforms.

7.2 A minimum of 80% of all revenue received by Stayzia for these service fees, after direct payment processing costs and any applicable VAT, is donated via Gift Aid to our charitable arm, the Community Prosperity Foundation (Company Number: 14091732). Further information on how this money is used to really benefit the Host’s local area can be found in our Community Funding Charter at Stayzia.org. We allocate available funds at the end of each annual period for each local area and will determine, in line with our Community Funding Charter, the best and most effective use of such funding. In all cases we exercise reasonable care and skill, including suitable due diligence, in our funding decisions. Further information can be found in our FAQs.

7.3 The remaining 20% (or lower) of the revenue, after payment processing costs and relevant taxes, is used to ensure we can continue to operate the Stayzia platform. Most of these operating costs include the marketing properties on behalf of our Hosts, development of the platform and its features, providing excellent customer service, and other ancillary costs of running the business.

8.    Community Rules

8.1 In addition to those circumstances set out elsewhere in these terms, Stayzia reserves the right to restrict, moderate, modify, suspend or terminate your use of the platform, or alter your information provided in your Listing details, whenever we determine in our sole discretion that you breached any of the following community rules in this Section. We similarly reserve the right to ban your IP address, report any activity to authorities where appropriate, or take other reasonable measures that may be available to us to modify, restrict or prohibit your access to the platform or to our services. 

8.2 You must not discriminate against other Users on the platform, in any use of the platform or in any communication with other Users, on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation. 

8.3 You must avoid any form of prejudice towards another User’s character, integrity or personality.

8.4 You must not lie or provide misleading information.

8.5 You must not impersonate someone else or adopt someone else’s identity.

8.6 You must remain polite and respectful of other Users at all times and avoid any offensive, incendiary or defamatory language.

8.7 You must not harass, threaten, coerce, harm, intimidate or insult other Users.

8.8 You must not upload or share content which Stayzia deems to be inappropriate or which contains graphic images, violence or nudity.

8.9 You must not use the platform to commit, or assist in the commission of, a criminal offence. Suspected fraudulent activity will be taken extremely seriously and we will involve the police authorities in any instance that fraud, of any kind or level of seriousness, is detected.

8.10 You must not use technological devices (e.g. bots, crawlers and scrapers) to collect data or interact with the platform.

8.11 You must not download, copy or reuse content on the platform unless you have permission from the content owner.

8.12 You must not hack, tamper with, impair or interfere with the operation, or attempt to circumvent the functionality and technology, of the platform.

8.13 You must not attempt to copy, disassemble or reverse engineer any elements of the platform or its underlying code.

8.14 You must not request, accept or make a booking or payment outside of the platform, including future and repeat bookings from customers originally referred through Stayzia.

8.15 You must be fair, honest, objective and reasonable in the Reviews you provide following any booking on the platform. You also accept that Stayzia does not necessarily moderate or verify Reviews.

8.16 You must not encourage or require Guests to leave reviews on other platforms, except for when they have already placed an equivalent Review on Stayzia.

8.17 Guests and hosts must not communicate with each other off the platform in relation to any booking made on the platform.

8.18 You must only use personal information available on the platform for the purposes of using the platform.

8.19 You must not copy, display or imitate any elements of the platform, including marks, logos, brands, text, designs, layouts, images, videos, promotional materials or other content without our consent.

8.20 You must not use the platform for commercial promotions or purposes except to the extent that it relates to hosting or booking on the platform.

8.21 You must not create a new, different or replacement User profile in circumstances which one might reasonably suspect you have done so to avoid negative feedback or poor Reviews received by your existing profile. If you wish to discuss ways to get your profile back to displaying positive overall ratings, please contact us at support@stayzia.com.

8.21 You must not pay, accept or request any payments outside of the platform in relation to a booking except to the extent permitted by Section 4.7 of these terms.

8.22 You must not breach or disregard the Host Terms, set out in the Listing details and House Terms and Rules of any accommodation which you have booked.

8.23 You must not host or rent property in any manner that is unlawful or not in compliance with rules, regulations, standards or tax requirements applicable in your jurisdiction.

8.24 You should report any suspected breaches of these terms to us at support@stayzia.com or via our live text chat service. Except to the extent required by law, we are not under any obligation to take any action in response to such reports.

8.25 You must read all of our terms and all associated policies.

8.26 If you violate and any of the above terms, or you (i) consistently receive poor Reviews or negative feedback on the platform, or (ii) have repeatedly cancelled confirmed bookings, or (iii) frequently fail to respond to booking requests or requests for information, Stayzia reserves the right to moderate, restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the platform in accordance with Section 8.1.

8.27 In terms of ‘modifying’ or ‘moderating’ Listings or information on the platform under Section 8.1, Stayzia may request minor alterations or additions to the information or content provided on your Listing or Profile, in order to ensure better accuracy. Before doing this, we may notify you of the proposed changes through your registered email address. 

8.28 In terms of ‘modifying’, ‘moderating’ or ‘restricting’ Listings, access or information on the site under Section 8.1, Stayzia may also remove Listings, Reviews or other information or content, or cancel confirmed or pending reservations, or limit your access to aspects of the platform. Stayzia has the general right to remove, edit, review or alter any content or information on the platform to ensure the platform’s accuracy, reliability and quality.

8.29 In terms of ‘suspending’ or ‘restricting’ your access or use of the platform under Section 8.1, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend your account for any period of time. You will be notified by email if this happens and we will inform you of why we have taken this decision and the period of time the account will be suspended for. During this time, you are prohibited from accessing the platform using a different User profile or from creating a new User profile. Any pending or active bookings will be cancelled and refunded according to our cancellation policy and any data on the platform from your User account may be made invisible.

8.30 If you disagree with any changes, proposed actions or actions taken by Stayzia, you can make an appeal to our customer service department at support@stayzia.com or via the platform live text chat service. You retain the right, at all times, to terminate your account in accordance with Section 10.

9.     Termination

9.1 You may terminate your agreement to these terms at any time by deleting your account or by emailing us at support@stayzia.com. After this point, we will delete all the data on your account and will no longer be retrievable. All active and pending bookings will be cancelled in your account and any refunds will be processed according to our Cancellation Policy at Section 5.

9.2 Stayzia reserve the right to terminate this agreement with you and to delete your account and data on the basis of a material breach of these terms, or in circumstances where we detect fraudulent use of your account, or when your account has been inactive for more than three years.

9.3 You are strictly forbidden from logging in using another person’s User profile or from creating a new User profile in any instance where your account has been terminated by us. You will need to get written authority from us to waive this restriction. 

10. Intellectual Property

10.1 Any content that you provide on to the platform which is regarded as personal information will be protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

10.2 For other content you upload on to the platform, which is not personal information, you grant Stayzia a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide licence to access, use, store, copy, distribute, publish, transmit, stream, broadcast or otherwise exploit in any manner, media or platform, for the purposes of promoting Stayzia and our platform.

10.3 You warrant that you either own any content uploaded to the platform or are authorised to provide us with the licence rights acquired under 10.2. You are solely responsible for any content that you upload to the platform and are liable if that content infringes the rights of any third party.

10.4 Content uploaded to the platform may be altered through contracted or automated translation services at Stayzia’s option. Where any content is translated, we cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of any translations and it is for the User to confirm their accuracy or quality.

10.5 You accept that content on the platform may be subject to trademark, copyright, design rights or other forms of intellectual property rights that are exclusively the property of Stayzia (and/or its licensees and licensors). You must not use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works of, distribute, licence, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, broadcast or otherwise exploit any content accessed through the platform, except where you are the owner of that content or have been expressly authorised by us. You will also not remove, obscure or alter any proprietary rights notices on content on the platform. 

10.6 You have a limited, non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable licence to access or download content available on the platform solely for personal and non-commercial use.

10.7 If you believe that we might have inadvertently infringed any of your intellectual property rights, please let us know immediately by contacting us at support@stayzia.com

11. Disclaimers

11.1 The information provided on the platform is for general informational purposes only. All information is provided in good faith and we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information provided. Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the platform or reliance on any information provided on the platform. Your use of the platform or your reliance on any information on the site platform is solely at your own risk.

11.2 In accordance with our privacy policy, we expressly disclaim any and all warranties or representations that any content on the platform, including but not limited to name, email, and contact information, will not be lost, stolen, corrupted, or destroyed. We similarly disclaim any warranties or representations that the platform is immune from viruses, hacking, or any other kind of breach. We reserve the right to temporarily disrupt or permanently discontinue the platform for any reason, or any period, at any time, in our sole discretion, without maintaining back-up, and without prior notice


11.3 To fullest extent permissible by law, you agree to indemnify, release or defend Stayzia (and any agents, associates or employees thereof), and to hold them harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses, arising from or in any way connected to your use of the platform. You agree the same to any damages, losses, injuries of any kind which arise in connection with or as a result of a rental agreement referred through the platform. Such indemnification includes, without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, as well as other associated costs therewith. These indemnifications apply only if and to the extent that such damages, losses, injuries or expenses have been caused, directly or indirectly, by your breach of any obligations, contractual terms or legal requirements.

11.4 Stayzia shall not be deemed to have defaulted any agreement with you or breached these terms, for any failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any part of an agreement or of these terms (except for any obligations to make previously owed payments) when and to the extent such failure or delay is caused by or results from acts beyond our reasonable control. Such events includes, but are not limited to, acts of God; flood, fire, earthquake or explosion; war, invasion, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), terrorist threats or acts, riot or other civil unrest; government order or law; actions, embargoes or blockades in effect on or after the date of this Agreement; action by any governmental authority; national or regional emergency; strikes, labour stoppages or slowdowns or other industrial disturbances; epidemic or pandemic; emergency state; shortage of adequate medical supplies and equipment; shortage of power or transportation facilities; extreme weather of a highly unusual nature; and other similar events beyond our reasonable control.

Should you have any questions about these terms or wish to discuss any aspect of them further, please do contact us at support@stayzia.com or through the platform text chat service and we will be happy to help.

Terms Last Updated: 21st July 2022