This is the revolution in online travel booking

Pay the same fees or less

Stayzia’s fees are the same or less than all the major online accommodation booking platforms.

Get the same service or better

We offer just the same service, with all the same features, services and functionality. We also distinguish ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

Do amazing things for the community

We donate a massive 80% of our fees to the host’s local community in the place you visit, to help with housing, creating jobs and protecting cultural heritage.

The Need for Stayzia

In tourism communities around the UK, just as all over the world, we are witnessing an unsustainable tourism crisis.

Tourism and travel are truly wonderful things that are important to us all. However, in most communities, the economic, social and environmental benefits of tourism are shared unequally.

Tourism communities are witnessing housing crises, poverty and inequality, as well as environmental and cultural degradation.

Stayzia is the first and only online booking platform in the UK to finally address this problem. Instead of your booking fees going to Silicon Valley, they go directly into your host’s community, to help address and offset all of these negative impacts.

Visit to find out more about all the amazing things you will do by making the simple, quick and cost-free switch to Stayzia.

How we compare


All the functions and features you could ever need, with many more on the way

Years of work has gone in to making Stayzia a fully-rounded and feature-rich short-term rentals platform and mobile app. Exciting new features are being added all the time, as we pursue our aim to make the entire marketing and booking process incredibly simple, effective and enjoyable.

All the while, we charge lower fees than other major platforms and direct 80% of that straight back to the community you visit to offset the negative social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism

In-depth property listing details, search filtering and locating tools, along with user ID verification and numerous security features.

Double review systems, calendar synchronisation and automated emails and reminders.

Intuitive, feature rich and high quality website and mobile apps (mobile apps to be launched September 2022).

A proactive intermediation and monitoring service to ensure that you have your needs and expectations met.

Excellent customer service, where you are always just a click away from getting through to a real human who wants to help.

Booking fees of just 7.5% (compare Airbnb: 14.2%+VAT, Vrbo: 12%+VAT, TripAdvisor: 12%+VAT).

Achieve far more, by paying less

Fix the housing crisis

Stayzia is dedicated to helping residents in the host’s local community to find safe, secure and quality housing to buy or rent.

Fix the poverty crisis

Ensure that tourism revenue does not continue to leak out from the host’s local community and goes into creating long-term jobs and opportunities.

Fix the environmental crisis

Stayzia is also dedicated to fixing the damaging impacts caused by unabated tourism on local natural and cultural heritage in the community.